Video smoke and flame detection

SAF3® is a real-time image processing application for video-based smoke and flame detection. In short, it turns your cameras into fire detectors!

Key advantages

  • Remote detection in large volumes
  • Fast reaction and easy verification
  • Adapts to various environments
  • Multi-aspect algorithms, tunable events

SmokeFire is not an object

SAF3 has unique and highly specialized algorithms for detection of smoke and flames in video streams.

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EdgeDistributed processing

SAF3 runs as an edge application on selected devices for scalability, redundancy and economy.

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IntegrationHandle the alarms

SAF3 is integrated to industry-leading video management systems and more is added based on customer needs.

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EvaluationPilots welcome

Describe your case and apply for a pilot installation. The SAF3 team will help you out through the entire process.

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PerformanceDemo clips available

Have a look at the promotion videos where SAF3's main features are presented and some performance demonstrated.

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Interested?Take contact!

If you are interested in SAF3 or have any further questions, just drop an e-mail!

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