SAF3 videos

Here are promotion/teaser videos for SAF3 showing basic concepts and features in field environments. All clips are generated with realistic settings and several from long-term installations or tests.

SAF3 version 3

Version 3 finally adds the 'F' in 'SAF3' - flame detection. This teaser focuses on a waste processing facility, one of the most demanding environments imaginable with lots of dust, debris and both near and far action in a large, rough volume. In this clip you can also get glimpse of the on-board dashboard (primarily used for deployment).

SAF3 version 2

Version 2 has added analytics for visibility and image quality. It also has added two-stage event levels, "warning" and "alarm". The VMS integration has evolved.

SAF3 version 1

This teaser video for version 1 shows the initial algorithms and concepts.


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