Test and evaluate

Benchmarking is your friend

To make a well-informed decision, you are strongly encouraged to benchmark against other systems. It's the best way to understand the performance and capabilities of the technology as well as calibrate your expectations.

If you decide to benchmark/make a pilot, be sure to set up a very realistic environment, preferably at an operational site. Also use real fire for the tests. This is important as you don't want to spend your resources on a system that works well in artificial cases but not in reality.

Pilot installations welcome

Are you interested in video smoke/flame detection? (Well, since you're here it's pretty likely ;)) Is your site willing make a test installation and actively participate in a constructive, iterative evaluation and development process? Don't hesitate, drop an e-mail! As a pilot you also may influence SAF3 to better fit your specific needs.

We're especially interested in industrial environments such as power plants, process industry, warehouses, material handling/storage, chemical industry etc. (But don't let that stop you.)

First class support

The SAF3 team will help you throughout the entire process of commissioning, calibration and evaluation both for a pilot and the operational installation. Note that a pilot typically runs for a long time (weeks or months depending on the activity cycle on your site).

If you are a system integrator you may eventually be able to deploy SAF3 yourself.

There is no 100%

Video analytics is a blessing and a curse: It's easy to create a successful small proof-of-concept and nice demos, but to make it work in real environments is another story. Anyone promising 100% performance anywhere anytime is probably lying. SAF3 will not be marketed that way.

However, with the right conditions, SAF3 is extremely effective with a short reaction time and few (if any) false alarms.